Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cold Nights (Desire)

This is the second poem/lyrics I'm posting on my blog. These lyrics were written right before I met my wife, and is not about anybody in particular. It was mostly written in hopes of meeting that someone.

Cold Nights

A warm cup of coffee
On a nice cold day
Its snowing outside
Guess were stuck in all day
Lets cuddle together
Baby I can keep you warm
Today could be another day
In the rest of our lives

Chorus: Why don't you fall into me
And we can be together, forever
Look into my eyes and see
The beauty of our desires

The view outside
Of the snow clinging to the trees
A piece of heaven to me
A fireplace
To keep us warm
But I have a better idea
Lets get closer
Let our bodies collide
Until the morning sunrise


Bridge: I'm hoping that we can get stuck inside another day
I want more time together
I want another day for us to get away from this world
And just be together...

Chorus (x2)