Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why Comics?

Yesterday, I explained how I got into comics. Today, I wanted to dive in why I have continued to stay in comics.

For comic creators, especially ones that have been staying in the indie scene know that there isn't much money out there for comic book creators, especially writers. With the ability to sell a TV pilot and make more that I could do in a year or 2 in comics. Or write novels and the rest of  the endless possibilities for an author to write, why comics?

For me personally, you have more freedom to explore and get creative in comics than in any median. You definitely can't be as creative on TV shows without it being tested in comics or novels first. As much as I love writing in different medians, I will always write comics. I mean always.

That doesn't mean I don't have other aspirations. I do have multiple children's books in the works and would love to continue to write those for my daughter, and any other future children to read. I love the live action world, which I tested for the first time writing Nerd Tech. I love sitcoms and writing screenplays. I think that you can dive so much more into relationships than you can in comics, and I do love writing about relationships. I have a lot of aspirations to write a TV pilots and be a staff writer, write an animation, produce an anime show, write novels, and eventually when I am old, get back to the guitar and write some songs for my lovely wife who has to deal with all the stories inside my head. But while I am hopefully doing all of that craziness  I will continue to write comics...

Next article will be about what motivates me to write...