Saturday, April 27, 2013

GU's Geeks United Podcast

As of late, since Geeky Universe has been expanded with new partners, we have decided to do a little podcast called GU's Geeks United. If you don't remember, I am the majority owner of Geeky Universe (with my wife of course), as well trying to make it as a writer. The podcast has been surprisingly quick to get viewers and has been going pretty well.
This week we are getting into a "Geeks vs" battle about the extremely popular series, Doctor Who when Erick and Bobby debate who their favorite Doctor is. Also, we do a Top 5 about "Geeky Weddings" and answer questions live from the audience for the first time.

Bobby the BaussMan is the writing extraordinare and BOSS at Geeky Universe. You can check out his writing blog and his books at the Im a Geek Store here
David the ManZombie is the popular facebook personality behind No Sympathy for Stupidity as well as an actor of Nerd Tech and Out On A Limb Dance Company and School
Multi-Monitor Mike who records records Arcade Recall and is the editor of many various GU-TV shows. Erick the Disciplined1 keeps us in line. You can check out some of Erick's works here  

Links to Previous Podcast and Live streams
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