Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Writers I Respect

This may be one of my most odd post for my blog, but I wanted to write about people who are up and coming comic book writers that I truly respect. It's not something where I'm trying to suck up to people, I really think these people make good comics worth reading. In a way, and they don't know it, they motivate me to focus on my comic book writing more sometimes when my logic says, write screenplays, they make money. But most of these people are also fathers, have families at home and it's tough for a writer in comics to not only balance the time but it also takes money sometimes to get your career going.

Jeremy Holt: http://clumpoftrees.wordpress.com/. He is a great writer, possibly better guy who I think will be getting a big break pretty soon.
Mark Bertolini: http://markbertolini.wordpress.com/. Good writer. Creates unique stories, and that is what comics are all about.
Shawn Aldridge: http://shawnaldridge.blogspot.com/. Created Vic Boone, and just one of the nicest guys that I have had the chance to interact with on the web.
Ed Brisson: http://www.edbrisson.com. To me, he has made it. 2 books by the biggest creator owned publisher. I envy you. Plus he makes money off of lettering, which I have tried and don't have the patience for.
Fabian Rangel, Jr: http://fabianrangeljr.tumblr.com/. Just creates awesome books, which pisses me off sometimes. But he's a good guy that I wish nothing but the best for. Common, Doc Unknown!

I can keep going about talented people who cool like Anthony Hary, Kurt Belcher, CW Cooke, Jeff McComesy, etc, etc, etc. I'm not trying to leave your name off if I do, just I only have so much time to write this piece.